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Screen Location... Tenants > Transactions > Add > Rent Invoice

The Aspect Property Manager uses a record termed a Rent Invoice, abbreviated in the records to Rent Inv, as a means of showing what rent is due to be paid , on what date, and how many "days" rent is being bought when the money is paid.  They are similar to the invoice you receive from your electrician for work  done on your home, except these ones are created ahead of time and are paid off as the rent comes in during the month.

As a matter of convenience the Rent Inv records are also used to display any Letting Fee and Bond amounts the tenant is to pay.

From V3.17.0.0 Rent Inv records can no longer bet edited or deleted, except when a new tenant is being created, a tenant is copied, or the Start of Tenancy date is changed at which point only the letting fee and bond can be modified.

Rent Invoice records may be hidden or displayed by pressing the "toggle" button [Hide / Show Rent Invs].

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Rent Inv records are created when:-
  • the End of Period process is run at which point there will be four or five created for the next period which for most users will be a calendar month
      4 Initially all the Rent Inv lines will be in red text indicating the transaction date is in the future.
      4 As the month progresses the records will change to black text.
  • adding a new tenant when the letting fee and bond payable are entered
  • entering a vacate date and they are generated up to the vacate date
      4 If the final rent period is less than a full rent period, the rent amount will be calculated by simple pro-rata of days.
  • a new system is being installed and the First Period Details program is run.

    Rent Inv records are deleted and replaced by new records (with a different transaction number) when:-
  • a tenant has a vacate date entered, changed or deleted
  • a rent change is which is dated in the current or a prior period
  • the Recalculate process is invoked manually
  • when a new system is being installed the Tenant Opening Rent Status screen is used to enter the data for the Rent Invoices for the first period..

    Description of the Tenant Rent Invoice screen

    Refer to the Glossary for information about the screen fields not mentioned below.

    Date Due
    The date the rent for the next rent period is due to be paid which is the day before the next rent period starts.
    This date is established from the Rent Change records.

    Rent - From and To dates
    The start and finish dates for the next rent period.
    The dates are inclusive and established from the Rent Change records.

    The rent amount required for the rent period shown in the From and To dates.
    This amount is established from the Rent Change records.
    When a vacate date occurs within a rent period the rent amount is pro-rated based on the number of days within the rent period rent is to be paid.

    Letting Fee
    The letting fee the tenant has to pay to obtain the tenancy.
    The amount is inclusive of GST.
    This date is established from the Rent Change records.

    The initial bond should be the total bond the tenant has to pay to obtain the tenancy, exclusive of any bond transfer(s) from other properties or bond already paid.
    This amount is established from the Rent Change records.
    When subsequent bond increases occur, such as accompanying a rent increase, or extra bond being required for allowing a pet on the property this bond increase will require a new Rent Change record to be added.  The bond increase will be seen in the Rent Invoice record for that date.


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