When the Tenant Transaction grid > Recalculate menu entry is selected you may choose to replace the Rent Invoice records or simply recalculate the tenant's balances.  Which you choose will depend upon the information in the sections below.

Recalculate Rent Invoices
This is a function mostly used in the background by the system to rebuild Rent Inv records from the beginning of a selected period forward to the current period when certain dates or Rent Change details are modified but it may also be invoked manually from the Tenant Transactions grid.
  • The ability for Rent Invoices to be changed by the user was curtailed in V3.17.x.x to stop incorrect adjustments being made.
  • If you think there is a problem with the Rent Invoices the first step is to print the Tenants > Transactions > Print  > Tenant Rent Inv Check report.  If errors are reported run Tenants > Transactions > Recalculate > Recalculate Rent Invoices.
  • Because all the Rent Inv records from the beginning of the selected period forward are replaced by new ones any adjustments in pre V3.17.x.x Rent Invoices will be lost, as will Text or Memo entries.
  • When Recalculate rebuilds the records the rent, letting fee and bond details are extracted from the Rent Change records.

    Recalculate Tenant Balances
    This choice does not change or delete any records, including Rent Invoices, in the tenant transactions grid, merely forces the system to recalculate the balances with the existing records.  It's primary use is for support purposes but could be used in the event of an unexpected shutdown such as a power failure or system crash part way through a process which was amending a tenant's transactions balances..

    To run Recalculate
  • Select any record in the transaction grid within the period from which you want the recalculate process to start
  • Click Recalculate then chose the appropriate function
  • Read the warning message
  • Depending upon your choice the Rent Invoices will be replaced and rebuilt.  In both cases the balances will be recalculated.