Introduction      (This version of Help released with V3.18.3.1)


If you have recently installed the demonstration version it is the actual application you will use in real life, although it is usually at an earlier version than the current release.  When you become a registered user it will be upgraded to the latest version.

The demonstration database is loaded with adequate data to run most reports and perform most major functions which should allow you to get a feel for the system.  Looking at the menus should give you a reasonable idea of how the facilities available within the Aspect Property Manager will benefit your business.

Before you clean out the demonstration data we suggest you poke around the system a bit.  Try adding to, or changing, or deleting the demonstration data.  Create some of your own landlords, properties, tenants, suppliers and transactions in the demonstration database.  If you wish remove the demonstration data run the Setup menu > Getting Started > Clean Up job and enter all your own data.

When viewing screens, menus etc keep the Help in step by pressing [F1] on the keyboard or clicking ScreenHelp on the menu bar.  The How to use Help topic has more details on using Help effectively including multiple ways to access Help and the syntax used.

If you arrive at a help topic and wish to display the associated screen use the "Screen Location... " text found at the top of most topics or under a section heading.

While you are evaluating the Aspect Property Manager and can not locate answers in the Help topics please contact Aspect Systems by phone or email and we can use the in-built "Remote Assistance" to answer your questions.

To reset any Aspect Property Manager screen to the default settings click DefaultSize on the menu bar or press Ctl+Alt+d on the keyboard (Note the lowercase "d").  It may be worthwhile resizing both the Help and the Aspect Property Manager windows so they are both visible.

The Tutorial and How do I ... topics will be converted later and until then access them from the help menu.

Prerequisite knowledge
Using the Aspect Property Manager and the Help topics assumes familiarity with Windows.
You should know how to use a Navigator Bar, scroll bars, the Windows "copy/cut and paste" functions and the mouse left and right click functions.  

Screen Item Names Used
The Title Bar is the top line on each window.  On the four main screens it will display your company name, the Aspect Property Manager version number, the Windows minimise/maximise/restore/close buttons.  On other screens the content will mainly be the name of the screen function 

The Menu Bar is the second line down.  It provides choices of things to do, reports to run, it may have sub-menus and is present on virtually all windows.  Two particular entries, are ScreenHelp which displays help about the screen being viewed (context sensitive help) and DefaultSize which restores the Aspect Property Manager screen to its default position, size and column and tab layouts.

The Navigator Bar is the third line and is not present on all windows.  It has buttons which provide the ability to:-
move between the system main screens
to move between records
to add, edit or delete records.

The display below the Navigator Bar varies according to the window opened or function being carried out and those screen items are covered in the Help topic for the individual screens.

Where to now?
If you are evaluating the Aspect Property Manager you probably have gleaned sufficient information to browse around the system and "do things".  However, if you want to see how the system hangs together I suggest you read the System Overview.  The last selection on each menu will take you to a help topic which has a brief description of each entry and give idea of the functions available.

If you have had a "play" and want to clear the demonstration data and load your own landlords etc go to the Getting Started topic.

If you wish to become a Registered User of the Aspect Property Manager complete Steps 1 and 2 of the Initial Installation then go to the Registration topic.

If you are in a hurry or prefer the "fumble and find" method of learning, there is a "One Page Help" topic, however, reading these three topics first is advisable:-
  • How to use Help
  • System Overview
  • Initial Installation topics

    The past, present and future
    The Looking both ways topic has a history lesson and does some crystal ball gazing

    Where do I install it?
    The Aspect Property Manager can be installed anywhere convenient on your computer.  By default it will load to the C:\PropMan  directory.  The structure and usage within this "root" directory is discussed here.  If you do place it elsewhere be sure you know where to find it.

    If you wish to install the live version of the Aspect Property Manager in a different location to where the demonstration system was installed you must uninstall the demonstration version and then reinstall the Aspect Property Manager in the correct location. 

    Can I relocate the Aspect Property Manager later?
    Yes, but... See Relocating the Aspect Property Manager

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