The Aspect Property Manager demonstration version you installed is a full working system but with a few restrictions which are removed when the installation is registered. 

To become a registered user  requires certain information to be entered into the Aspect Property Manager itself and of course you need to make suitable payment arrangements.  Please perform the steps below to register. 

Registration Overview
Registration of your installation is best achieved by sending an email to Aspect Systems which contains the details we require.  A Registration Form will then be returned to you.  When you have completed the Registration Form, attach a copy of your Automatic Payment form or on line banking A/P setup page and return both to Aspect Systems. Payment for the first two months rental must be made by an accompanying cheque or direct credited to our account.

On-line Registration
  • Before attempting to register on-line the Email Set Up details must be completed.
  • After which go to the Setup menu > Company Details > Address Details tabbed page and ensure all the details down to and including the EMail field are completed. The Country, State and Company No fields are not required when installed in New Zealand.
  • Now go to the Help menu > Register Aspect Property Manager
  • This should open an email window with some information in the message area.  Please add your name, position and email address where indicated then click [Send].
  • Do not make any changes to the generated Registration Details. If you notice any incorrect information, discard the email, return to the Company Setup and make any necessary corrections, then repeat the Help menu > Registration process.
  • If you fail to receive a confirmation email within one working day please follow up with a standard email or phone call.

    Manual Registration
  • Register manually by phone, letter or standard email to Aspect Systems supplying your name and postal address. 
  • A Registration Form will be sent to you which should be returned to Aspect Systems when completed, along with a copy of your Automatic Payment form and the initial rental payment required.