Relocating the Aspect Property Manager

Can I relocate the Aspect Property Manager later?
Yes, but... DO NOT MOVE the PropMan folder to another location after installation, upgrades will not work, nor will other connected computers be able to access the Aspect Property Manager.

Instead you must perform the following steps:-
  • Make a copy of the ...\PropMan, ...\PropMan Backup, ...\PropMan Photos , and ...\PropMan Archive directories.
  • If you have located files outside the ...\PropMan directory which are required copy those too.
  • Next uninstall the Aspect Property Manager.
  • Reinstall the demonstration system in the required location.
  • Copy the saved ...\PropMan directory over the "new" demonstration ...\PropMan directory.
  • Copy the ...\PropMan Backup, ...\PropMan Photos , and ...\PropMan Archive directories to the new location ensuring they are at the same level as the ...\PropMan directory.

  • It will be necessary to change all shortcuts on client computers and possibly change the paths associated with external files and programs which interact with the Aspect Property Manager.
  • Client/Server users will need to reinstall the Server software.
  • Windows sharing or user permissions may need adjustment or re-instatement.
  • If you move the Aspect Property Manager to another computer, or change the computer name, many functions will not work until settings are changed to reflect the change.  As examples email may not function, the location of the stationery letterheads will need to be re-established.  This is because you have in effect begun a new installation.
  • You will need to register the Aspect Property Manager again and receive a new licence key.
  • Please contact Aspect Systems support before you change the location.