Clean Up


The Clean Up program is used to clear data from the database when you are ready to load your own records.  The choices provided allow for selective deletion where there is data already loaded which you wish to retain and are:-
  • Delete only the transactions leaving all master file records intact.  This option is useful if you have entered receipts, payments, invoices etc. and would like to start entering the transactions again.  Entries made the tables and master records such as the fee structure applied, the rent or bond a tenant is to pay are retained. 
  • Delete the landlords, properties, tenants or suppliers but leave the Setup menu tables and Company Details unchanged.
  • Create an empty database with some default records and data set up.

    A deletion hierarchy applies with the check boxes.
  • Ticking Landlords will delete landlord, property and tenant master file records.
  • Ticking Properties will delete both properties and tenants but not landlords.
  • Ticking Tenants will delete the tenants but not properties and landlords.
  • There is no relationship with suppliers.
  • Transactions will always be deleted

    Providing Tenants is not ticked start dates, rent increases or vacate dates entered will remain in place.
    All "hide" check boxes are reset so no records are hidden.

    Running this program is a prerequisite to being able to access the First Period Details program which establishes the starting dates for the Aspect Property Manager.

    Default records created
    When the "Create an empty database" option is chosen five special accounts are created, three landlords and two suppliers all with codes of "9000" and over.  More detail on the intended use of these accounts is described on their [Details] buttons.  In the case of the special landlord accounts they are used to cater for unusual circumstances and allow the bank reconciliation to be completed.

    To save repetitive keying of the same information some information entered on the Setup menu > Company Details tabs is used to auto-fill fields on other records created so it is worth spending a little time on deciding what should be in these fields before running the Cleanup program.

    Initial Installation Step 1 - Clean Up

    Go to Setup Menu > Getting Started > Clean Up to display the Clean Up screen.

    If this is the first time you are running Clean Up 
    Select "Create an empty database".
    Enter the Company Details requested

    If you are running Clean Up a second or subsequent time and wish to retain master records already entered
    Select "Delete all transactions and delete selected master file details".
    Put ticks in the relevant Delete ... boxes.
    Ticking Delete Landlords will automatically tick Delete Properties and Tenants.
    Ticking Delete Properties will automatically tick Delete Tenants.

    Clean Up may be run as many times as you need to, but unless you take a backup the deleted data is unrecoverable.
    Any time you run Clean Up all transactions will be deleted.

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