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Rather unsurprisingly this menu contains items relating to, or dealing, with properties and consists of a primary menu with sub-menus for reports and charts.   Items common to reports in general, such as the selection criteria, how to print or save, or email reports, are discussed in the Reports topic.

Primary menu

Changes the main screen display to the Properties screen and is the same as clicking the Navigator Bar > Properties button.

Properties to Rent
This function helps you quickly locate properties which are becoming vacant should a prospective tenant call or phone.
It also produces a report which can be used as a handout of all properties currently vacant or becoming available for letting.
See Properties to Rent for more on this topic

Renumber Property
We recommend that in general you let the system assign the Property Code but where there is a need to assign a new number to an existing property you can do so with this option.  First select the property you wish to renumber then choose this menu item.  Enter the new property code required.  All existing records in the system with the old number will be changed to the new number.  This of course means existing reports and other paper records will have the old property code which no longer exists in the system or may be assigned to a new property .  Use the Properties > Notes to record the old and new numbers on both old and new properties.

Copy Property
This facility will create a new property containing the same details on the currently selected property and can be used:-
  • When a series of identical or almost identical properties are to be entered.  By setting up the first property fully, duplicate properties can be simply and quickly created.  Edit the duplicated properties where difference exist.
  • When a property changes hands with a sitting tenant and you retain the management of the property.  This requires a complete new landlord / property / tenant combination to keep the financial records correct.  Use the Tenant Copy function to copy the "old' tenant to the "new" property.

    Note  There is a great deal of information stored about each property on the [Details] tabs so to make effective use of the copy function these details should be completed on the first property before copying.  If you do not do so those details will have to be entered separately on every property.  Even if the number of bedrooms or the advertising script varies, to take two extremes, it will generally be quicker to enter the details once and edit them on the duplicated properties.

    Reports sub-menu

    Property Listing
    Reports the static property details, landlord, address, the portfolio allocated, the fee code applying which may be different to the usual landlord fee, the desired rent, any disbursement limit etc.  The content of the Property > Details tabbed pages may be optionally included.

    Property Ownership
    This report is similar to the Landlord Property Ownership report but views the situation from the property and shows the landlord, the portfolio and the desired rent.

    Property Vacancy
    This report lists properties which are vacant or becoming vacant at some future date.  A number of choices allow you to include/exclude managed or non-managed properties, a date range, and properties with fixed term rentals or leases expiring within the date range.

    Other vacancy related reports each provide different information and you will need to decide which best suits your needs at the time.  They are found with these menu entries:-
    Properties menu > Reports > Properties to Rent 
    Landlords menu > Reports > Property Ownership
    Admin menu > Utilities > Create Web Pages 

    A discussion on casual let properties can be found in the "Handling Casual Letting" section of the Casual Landlords, Properties and Tenants topic.

    Property Transactions
    FFFF Future Development

    Property Inspection
    This report is used to list properties which are to be inspected according to the Inspection Code chosen.  They will be listed in the order of the Inspection Sequence and contains rent change details which may allow you to consider a rent review while inspecting the property.  The "Landlord Inspection attendance" selection from the Property > Details > Other Details is also printed.

    Once the inspections are compete the report can be used as the input document for charging the landlord for the inspection and the Inspection Fee printed on the report can be used to identify properties which have a non-standard fee charged.  See Inspection Billing section of Inspection Codes topic.

    Property Key List
    This report is used to list the key number assigned to properties on the Properties > Details > Other Details tab.  This listing is only applicable to users who have fixed key assignments such as a permanent "board" with numbered "hooks".  If you use an envelope system use the property code and there is no need to assign key numbers.

    The selection criteria is self evident.

    Chimney Sweeping
    This prints properties with a chimney which has not been swept since the selected date. because many insurance companies require a chimney to be swept annually or the insurance will not cover chimney fires and consequential damage.  To be reminded to run this report add a "monthly" Administration Bring Up Note.