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Rather unsurprisingly this menu contains items relating to, or dealing, with landlords and consists of a primary menu with sub-menus for reports and charts.   Items common to reports in general, such as the selection criteria, how to print or save, or email reports, are discussed in the Reports topic.

Primary menu

Changes the main screen display to the Landlords screen and is the same as clicking the Navigator Bar > Landlords button.

Statements showing the transactions on each landlord's account are produced with this entry.  You may print all, one, or a selection of statements covering single or multiple periods.  See the main Landlord and Supplier Statements topic which include the text of a sample standard document which can be printed or emailed to your landlord which may aid their understanding of the statement and save a phone call or two.

Renumber Landlord
We recommend that in general you let the system assign the Landlord Code but where there is a need to assign a new number to an existing landlord you can do so with this option.  First select the landlord you wish to renumber then choose this menu item.  Enter the new landlord code required.  All existing records in the system with the old number will be changed to the new number.  This of course means existing reports and other paper records will have the old landlord code which no longer exists in the system or may be assigned to a new landlord.  Use the Landlords > Notes to record the old and new numbers on both old and new landlords.

Copy Landlord
This facility will create a new landlord using the details on the currently selected landlord.  It is a useful time saver when a landlord requires separate statements for each property or wants income from each property or group of properties to be deposited into separate bank accounts.  To do so a separate landlord must be created for each statement or bank account required and the appropriate property(ies) assigned to each landlord.  By setting up the "first" landlord fully, duplicate landlords can be simply and quickly created, then the specific details changed on the duplicated landlords.

See the Copying Master Records > topic for examples.
See the Sort Key topic for easy ways of distinguishing each landlord with their properties.

Reports sub-menu

Casual Landlords
This report shows the properties owned by each "casual let" landlord only and landlords who have both managed and non-managed properties are excluded from this report.  The desired versus actual rent obtained and the tenant to  whom the property was let are shown.
See Casual Landlords, Properties and Tenants.

Landlord Balances
Provides a "one-line" snapshot of landlords accounts for the selected period or period range.  Reading across :- 
... Opening Balance...................  .(Col 1)
.....+ Receipts from tenant............(Col 2)
.....+ Receipts from landlord.......(Col 3 and any "non-tenant" receipts)
.....-  Payments made to landlord, or to the tenant for rent and debt refunds
.....-  Charges   (Invoices for work done, inspections)
.....-  Management fees
.....-  GST on management fees
.....= Net to the landlord's account
.....+ any Opening Balance brought forward from last period
.....= Balance owing to the landlord

When the report includes the current period it shows the balance for all transactions in the current period.  If there are any future dated transactions the report balance will be different to that shown on the main Landlords screen which only shows the balance as at "today".

Landlords Held or Overdrawn
This lists all landlords who have either a Hold Amount entered on the Payment details screen or have their accounts overdrawn.

Landlord Ledger
This report shows each transaction affecting the landlords' account for the selected period(s).  Reading across a line :- 
  • Transaction Number allocated by the system
  • Transaction date entered by you
  • Type of transaction
  • Amount is the total value of the transaction

    Where applicable it will be broken down into
  • Rent received from a tenant
  • Debt repaid by a tenant
  • Management fees charged on the transaction
  • GST charged on the management fees
  • Net shows the Amount less any charges credited to the landlord's account
  • Balance owing to the landlord after this transaction

    If you select multiple periods, period totals will be shown.  By checking the Print Memos box the content of any transaction memo will be printed on the following line(s).  By default only landlords with managed properties will be shown.  Deselect the "Landlord's with Managed Properties only?" check box to see all landlords.

  • The final landlords total on this report will only equal the Landlords total on the Administration > Control Totals when "All landlords" has been selected.
  • The figures for any landlord may be different to those showing on the main landlord screen because that display shows the status as at today.  If you have managed to get future dated transactions into the system they will not be included on the display.

    Landlords Listing
    Reports the static landlord details, address, phone numbers, standard fee code etc.

    Landlord Property Ownership
    This report shows the properties owned by each landlord, the desired versus actual rent being obtained and the tenants who occupy or have occupied the property.

    Landlord Summary Statements
    This report is a summary of the landlords statements for the selected period(s) and should be printed at the end of each tax year or when you cease managing the property for a landlord.

    There is one line for each period per property which summarises the rent and tenant debt re-payments received, charges made for repairs etc, the fees and GST deducted, leaving the balance received.  Payments made out of the account  are of course across all properties and are shown in that section of the report.

    Landlord Payment Details
    Shows the manner the landlord is to be paid normally, the details that will appear on their bank account when paid by direct credit and any amount being held back and not disbursed to the landlord.