Property Transactions


Screen Location... Properties main screen > Transactions

Reversing Transactions
  • See Transaction Reversals temporarily.     XXXX     

    Section of Properties Transactions grid

  • This topic only deals with items unique to property transactions.
  • See the main transaction topic for common items.
  • Transactions seen in this grid are a composite gathered from several files and do not actually exist.  The "records" shown are :-
      4Receipts for rent received from the tenant(s) of this property.
      4Charge records for expenditure on the property.
  • The All Transactions/Charges Only button acts as a toggle which hides or shows the receipts associated with this property.
  • Displaying only the Charge records is quite handy when looking at the "repair" activity on a property.  You can pick up that the toilet has been "fixed" six times in the last year by three different plumbers, providing you make adequate comment when entering the supplier invoices.
  • Whenever a property in involved an invoice should no be charged direct to the landlord except in unusual circumstances otherwise the property shows a better return than it should and the expense can not be attributed to the correct source.

    FFFF  This section of  the system is still under construction.  Your suggestions are welcome.