Screen Location... Setup menu.

Use this screen to set up portfolios which are a convenient way of grouping properties for administrative and reporting purposes.

Any one or two character code that takes your fancy

Description of this portfolio / grouping.

Property Manager
Select the Property Manager responsible for this portfolio from the list box.
If you are not using portfolios assign the "Office" Property Manager and all properties to the "Office" portfolio.

Portfolios are a convenient way of grouping properties for administrative purposes.  Many reports and some other functions allow selection by portfolio.

The system requires at least one portfolio to be created because every property must be assigned to a portfolio.  A property may be assigned to a different portfolio at any time but be aware that all reporting etc will change "instantly".

Even while the number of properties you manage can be handled by one person it is worthwhile having at least one portfolio for managed properties, another for casual lets and one for lost managements or "dead' properties.

By setting up a number of portfolios, properties can be grouped by geographic location, suburb, or some other category.  Use a description which reflects the grouping(s) you use and assign the Property Manager responsible for this portfolio of properties.  Where the property count is small you may find using the Property Manager's name as the portfolio description is quite adequate.

Many reports use the portfolio code to restrict the report output to just the property, landlord or tenant associated with the portfolio(s) selected.  For example the Tenant Arrears report can select just those delinquent tenants of properties assigned to one specific portfolio or a selection of portfolios.

When assigning the code remember uppercase letters sort before lowercase which are then followed by numbers.

Handling Casual Letting.
When a landlord asks you to find a tenant, but not manage the property, enter both the landlord and property details into the system and assign the property to a portfolio called "Casual To Let" or similar.  You can then use the Properties to Rent report for a list of all available casual lets to use for reference or as a handout.

If you tenant the property, change the portfolio to the responsible Property Manager's casual portfolio.  If the property is let by another agency, either delete the property and landlord or assign it to another "Casuals that got away" portfolio for future use or prospecting..
See Casual Landlords, Properties and Tenants

  • Consider creating a "Casual Let" portfolio for each Property Manager.
  • Consider having a portfolio for "lost casuals" as a prospecting tool.
  • Assign properties you have ceased managing to separate portfolio called "Lost Managements".

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    Initial Installation Step 5 - Creating Portfolios

    Go  to Setup Menu > Portfolio Details to display the Portfolio Details data entry screen.

    The "Office" entry created by the Clean Up program should be left in place.
    Add other portfolios so you may group properties for ease of management and reporting.
    Read the topic above for more information on portfolios.

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