Inspection Fee Schedule


Screen Location... Setup menu.

This screen allows you to set up a table of various fees you charge for inspections.
  • The entry in the table is assigned to a Property and the field use is self-explanatory.
  • Usually the inspection fee charged does not have a disbursement fee and GST added to the fee but does include GST.  So if you charge $40 plus GST (at 15%) the value for the fee entered in this table would be $46.00
  • There should be a "No Fee" code for your casual lets.  This entry is set up by the Cleanup program.

    See the discussion on Inspection Billing for more information.

    Initial Installation Step 7 - Setting up the Inspection Fee Schedule

    Go  to Setup Menu > Inspection Fee Schedule to display the Inspection Fee Schedule data entry screen.

    Read the content above.
    Change the Fee value in the "Standard Inspection Fee" to the most common fee you charge.
    Leave the "No Inspection Fee" entry in place.
    Add any other entries you require.

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