Property Managers


Screen Location... Setup menu.

Use this screen to enter details of all users of the Aspect Property Manager.
At least one entry is required in this table.
Most fields are self explanatory and those which may benefit from extra information are discussed below.

Description of Property Managers screen
This is a system assigned code which may be altered when adding a new entry but not once the record is saved.  It can not be changed later.

Short Name
This nine character field is used to identify the Property Manager on various reports and as a merge field in letters, emails and faxes.  It would usually be expected to be the Property Manager's first name, nick name, or initials.

Enter the Property Manager's full name.   This too is used on various reports, as a merge field in letters, emails and faxes, the web page "to rent" listings and is the name associated with a Note or Bring Up.

Email address
When writing letters etc you may merge a personalised email address into the body of the letter.

In Contact List
When ticked this person will have their name, day time and mobile phone numbers printed on the Properties to Rent report.

RealENZ User ID
Required when sending vacant properties to the Realenz web site.

Selection by Property Manager
On each of the four main screens at the bottom of the right-hand panel is a Property Manager selection list-box.  Selecting a Property Manager will cause the Landlords, Properties and Tenants main screens to display only properties, and therefore landlords and tenants, which are allocated to Portfolios assigned to the Property Manager.

Numerous reports also have the ability to select by Property Manager too.  Where this is the case the result will include all the properties, or landlords or tenants, which are allocated to Portfolios assigned to the Property Manager.

There should be one entry in this table for each person  who uses the Aspect Property Manager and interacts with the Property Managers, landlord, tenants and suppliers.  The table should include any administration staff who write letters, emails or faxes from the Aspect Property Manager, not just the Property Manager(s).

A Property Manager may be assigned to zero, one or more portfolios and because every property must be assigned to a portfolio it is simultaneously assigned to a Property Manager via this table.

This relationship means a contact name for each "vacant" property can be printed on the Properties to Rent report and your web site "properties available to rent" page.

When a Note or Bring Up is created a Property Manager is assigned to it which means both Notes and Bring Ups may be selectively viewed or printed.

A  Property Manager may enter a Note or a Bring Up and assign it to another Property Manager for the latter's attention.  Take care when doing so because just as with letters and faxes, the system remembers the last assignment made and will default the next Note to that Property Manager too.

This ability to assign a Note to a Property Manager allows messages to be passed between Property Managers using the Admin menu > Notes facility.  See the Suggestion in Notes.

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Initial Installation Step 4 - Setting up the Property Managers

Go  to Setup Menu > Property Managers to display the Property Managers data entry screen.

The "Office" entry created by the Clean Up program should be left in place as a convenient "catch-all" entry.
Add other entries filling the fields using the field usage described above in this topic.

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