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On the Landlords, Properties and Tenants menus you will find a "Copy..." function.  The Tenants menu also has a "Transfer ..." function.  These menu options provide the ability to quickly create a new master record from an existing one.

Note the Copy Tenant and Transfer Tenant functions have certain criteria which must be met as covered below.

Here are examples of when these function could be used:-

Landlord Copy
  • An existing landlord buys a new property but wants the rent to go into a different bank account.  Copy the existing landlord, change the bank account number on the Payments button, then add the new property.
  • When the rent from one of several existing properties is to go to a different bank account, create a new landlord using Copy Landlord.  Use Copy Property to copy the existing property and attach it to the new landlord.  Then copy (or maybe transfer) the existing tenant and attach them to the newly copied property.

    Property Copy
  • A landlord has several identical, or nearly so, properties such as in a block of flats. If the first property is entered the subsequent properties can be created in a second or two by copying the property then changing the "street number" on the new property.
  • If you spend the time entering the property details on the first property all the copied properties will carry those details as well.  They may require some editing but it is generally much quicker than entering the details again and again and again...
  • If the ownership of a property changes hands create a new landlord then use Copy Property to create and assign the duplicate property to the new owner.

    Copy Tenant
  • The ownership of a property changes hands and you still retain the management of the property.  Create a new landlord.  Use the  to duplicate the property and attach it to the new owner/landlord.  Copy the tenant to the newly duplicated property.
  • This example applies more particularly in apartment block situations and requires each carpark to be set up as a property.  A tenant is renting a carpark which is not included in the accommodation rental because it is owned by a different landlord to their property or it could even be another tenant's carpark.  Copy the tenant and attach them to the carpark property.  It is suggested that you have the tenant pay the two rentals on separate automatic payments, particularly when importing receipts otherwise you must manually split a single receipt and enter a second receipts.
  • A tenant gets in arrears and stays in the property but has a Court Order recovering the arrears at a lower rate than the accommodation rent.  Copy the tenant and assign the copy to the same property.  Set up the tenant with a Start Date of the day you receive the first the court ordered receipt.  Change the rent to the court order amount.  Change the SortKey on this duplicate tenant by substituting "Court Order" or "C/O" or similar, e.g. "Brown, Sally" could become "Brown, Sally Crt Order".  Again have the tenant pay two separate automatic payments.

    Transfer Tenant
  • If a tenant is set up on the incorrect property accidentally AND no receipt or other transactions, with the exception of Rent Invoices, exist in the account you may transfer the tenant from one property to another.
  • Where receipts have been entered but not yet presented they may be deleted, the tenant transferred and the receipts entered again.  Other transactions may also be deletable.