Landlord Details


Location... Landlords main screen > .

These tabbed pages allow you to enter additional information about the landlord.

Internal Comments tab
  • This tab carries additional textual information relating to the landlord.
  • Its intended purpose is to hold "personal" comments for in-house use, such as, "Landlord lives next door and wishes to vet all prospective tenants", "Landlord does his own maintenance" and so on.
  • It should not be used for date related information or details such as recording telephone conversation jottings or reminders, a Note should be used in those cases.
  • Nor should it be used to carry transaction related information where the Transaction Text and Memo fields should be used.

    This comment is a warning 
  • If the checkbox is ticked, the background of the status bar at the bottom of the main Landlords screen will be red and the first line of text, or as much as can be, will be displayed when the landlord is selected.
  • Make the first line of the comment meaningful and not embarrassing.
  • If you want the line red but without any text showing make the first comment line blank.
  • Remember the little boy who called "Wolf !!" and reserve your warning comments for the really important comments, otherwise you will wind up ignoring them.

    Other Details tab
    Start Date
  • This defaults to the day the landlord is created in the Aspect Property Manager.
  • It should represent the date you started managing this landlord's property(ies).

    Make a Standing Charge?
  • When this box is ticked the Admin menu > Generate Standing Charge program will generate a Fee transaction in the landlord's account.
  • If the "Standing Charge" amount is zero the system default amount, set on the Setup menu > Company Details > Standing Charges tab, will be used.
  • To make a different charge to the system default for this landlord enter the fee amount including GST.

    Hide this Landlord ?
  • You can reduce clutter on the main screen by not displaying "dead" accounts.
  • A tick in the check box stops the landlord from displaying.
  • It should only be ticked after the landlord and related tenant accounts have been cleared and the Property(ies) transferred to the "Lost Managements" or similar portfolio.
  • To display hidden landlord accounts tick the Setup menu > Preferences > Show Hidden Records checkbox.