Landlord Name and Address Details


Location... Landlords main screen > Name > .
  • Use this screen to access the landlord's name and address details.
  • The entries made on this screen are used in letters, emails, faxes and when mail merging data from the database.
  • Do not use the fields for uses other than described or strange results will occur.
  • Avoid leaving unfilled fields, except where specified, for the same reason.

    Description of the Name and Address screen

  • Enter Mr, Mrs, Mr & Mrs, Ms etc.
  • Leave blank for businesses.

    First Name
  • If you have two owners enter "John & Mary"
  • Leave blank for businesses.

    Last Name
  • This field is mandatory.
  • If you have two owners enter "Smith & Brown"
  • The name of a business should be entered in this field.

  • This field is generated as Last Name, First Name.
  • Read the SortKey topic to understand why you may want to modify the generated SortKey

  • This field is used to address the recipient of a letter, fax or email.
  • This will auto-fill with the entry in the First Name field.
      4 "George" will produce "Dear George".
      4 "Mr G Jones" will address the letter "Dear Mr G Jones".
      4 "If you have two owners replace the defaulted data with "John & Mary".
  • If the landlord is a company enter the contact person's name as you want it on a letter.  

    Postal Address
  • This is the landlord's postal address used for statements, letters, etc.
  • When creating a new landlord the first line will default to the concatenation of the Title, the first character of the First Name and the Last Name fields.
      4 If there are multiple owners replace the defaulted data with Mr J Smith & Mrs M Brown.
  • Any subsequent changes to the Title, First Name and Last Name fields will not alter the first line of this address field.

    Email Address
  • The landlord's primary email address where all emailed documents and the emailed statements will be sent.

    Email Copies
  • A copy of any emailed letter may be sent to other addresses by entering each address on a new line.
    Do not enter any separating characters such as commas, semi-colons, slashes etc.
    Do not enter anything other than email addresses
  • When the [Mail] button or Mail Merge is used create emails the "Email Address" above is entered in the "To" field and all entries in this field are placed in the CC field.  If you only want to send to the landlord it is your responsibility to delete the unwanted CC entries.
  • Copies of email statements will not be sent to these CC entries, but only to the addresses entered in Landlord > Payment > Statement email copies to memo box.
  • If you wish to restrict the statement recipients either do not enter addresses here or amend or delete the entries in the Admin > Email Queue > CC field each time you create statements.

    Some Internet software and/or service providers do not accept special characters in the "To" name or email address.  If you find some email function does not work, check the Aspect Property Manager "Address To" field and the email address.  For example, Outlook Express will accept "Mary & John Jones" but Outlook will not.   To test for this type of problem temporarily replace the name and email address fields with entries you know work, preferably your own, and try them.

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