Tenant Opening Rent Status


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This program is used primarily when setting up a new system with data being transferred from an existing system which is the subject of this help topic.  Usually you would have come here from the Initial Installation Step 15 where this function was discussed, and now want tro modify the tenant rent details as calculated by the First Period Details function.  However, after Version 3.17.x.x it can also be used to modify (some) errors made when a tenant was created some time ago.  To make changes to an individual tenant the Tenants > [Details] > Tenant Opening Rent Status tab provides the same functions.

The objective of this step is to make each tenant's record reflect the tenant's financial position as at the date the system starts by:-
  4 loading the end of the rent period date to which the tenant has already fully paid the rent
  4 any additional rent beyond that date which is not a full week's rent
  4 any debt the tenant still has to pay
  4 any letting fee the tenant still has to pay
  4 the full amount of bond required on the property regardless of what the tenant has already paid
  4 the bond already at the bond centre
  4 the bond reference number of bond at the bond centre
  4 any money you have classified as "held".  This is only likely when you are moving from a manual or another computer based to the Aspect Property Manager.

  • This screen is used to enter what the tenant owes as at the system start date.
  • Cash or cheques which were received but not banked at the changeover date must be excluded which may mean the rent Paid To date or debts will need adjusting to the "pre-receipt" values.
  • In the Aspect Property Manager the Paid To date is the last day of the Rent Period for which the full amount of rent has been received.  Please read the Paid To date topic for more information to avoid having tenants appear incorrectly to be in arrears when they are not, or to have missed or gained a day's rent..

    Bond Information
    Depending upon the structure of your existing records you may be able to enter the bond information required in the same pass as the tenant Paid To date and other financial data in which case read the separate Bonds Opening Status topic before proceeding and combine the two steps rather than taking a second pass through this program just to handle the bonds.

    Making Changes
    As a starting point print the Setup menu > Getting Started >Tenants Opening Rent Status Report and compare the calculated Paid To date to your existing records.  Note any difference, plus any other adjustments which need to be made including:-
      4 any part period rent paid, (Amount in Credit)
      4 any letting fee or tenant debt still owing or overpaid.
      4 any money being held belonging to the tenant which does not fall into either of the above classifications.

    Go to Setup menu > Getting Started > Tenants Opening Rent Status
  • Use the Navigator Bar etc to select each tenant where adjustments are to be made
  • Click [Edit] and enter the appropriate values in the boxes in the right hand pane according to the field usage below.
  • You may also add a text message or memo.

    Paid To
    Enter the date to which the tenant's rent is fully paid.

    Amount in Credit
    Enter any rent which only paid part of the rent for the next rent period beyond the Paid To date.  Negative values can not be entered.  Read the Amount In Credit topic for more information. 

    Enter the total value of any Debt which the tenant has still to pay.  Where the tenant has overpaid debt, as may happen as described in the Initial Installation step, enter the value as a negative amount, i.e. the tenant owes -$100.00.

    Letting Fee
    Enter the total value of any Letting Fee which the tenant has still to pay.  Negative values can not be entered.

    Bond Fields
    As stated above recording the bond status is much more complex.  The entries made in these fields are discussed in the Bonds Opening Status topic.

  • The presence of a vacate date can change the rules regarding what may be entered in these fields. See Tenant Held Opening Status and Tenant Held for more details.
  • If you want to record details of the transactions which make up any balances use the memo field.
  • Errors may be corrected by running this program again.
  • Although this is essentially a setup time only program it can be run at any time in the future to correct errors made at startup.  There are limitations associated with changing the bond entries and these are covered in the Bonds Opening Status topic.

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