Supplier Opening Balances


This program is only used when setting up the Aspect Property Manager to enter any money owed to a supplier that has been retained in your bank account for some reason, such as being held because the work done is incomplete or not up to standard.  It is also used to enter any balance where a supplier account is overdrawn, that is, the supplier got paid more money than they should have received.  This could have been caused by such things as an invoice being entered with an incorrect amount or entered twice and the supplier paid out at the end of the month.

Go to the Setup menu > Getting Started > Supplier Opening Balances.
  • Use the Navigator Bar etc to select each supplier where a balance is to be entered.
  • Click [Edit] and enter the balance in the box in the right hand pane.
  • Overdrawn accounts should be entered as a negative value e.g. "-100.00".
  • You may also add a text message or memo.

    If you want to record details of the transactions which make up the balance use the memo field.

    The balance you enter is inserted into the B/Fwd transaction record which was created by the First Period Details program.

    The Setup menu > Getting Started > Suppliers Opening Balances Report list all the balances and should be used to check the entries made.

    Errors may be corrected by running this program again.

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