Landlord Receipt 


Location... Landlords main screen > Transactions > Receipt button

Typically the receipt entered using this screen would be:-
  • Money from the landlord to pay for items such as redecorating or repairs
  • Money from a collection agency when no tenant recording is being done.
  • Money from a past tenant paying outstanding rent when they are no longer on the system
  • Some other "sundry" receipt to be credited to the landlord's account.

    Description of the Landlord Receipt screen

    Refer to the Glossary for information about the screen fields not mentioned below.

    Override Fees
    Fees are not automatically charged on landlord receipts.

    If a fee is to be charged tick the Override Fees box and enter the fee to be charged excluding GST which will be calculated automatically and the Net amount credited to the account.

    Because landlord receipts are unusual you should always make adequate Text and Memo comments.

    It is important to get the type of money received, A/P, cash, cheque or EFTPOS correct, as it affects the Banking List report and possibly the bank reconciliation process.

    A landlord receipt is used to receive money directly into your landlord's account which is not a rent or debt payment from a tenant.  More often than not it will be money from the landlord to pay for redecorating, repairs and so on which can not be met from the normal rental income stream.  A tenant receipt can not be used because the money would have to be received as Rent, which will change the tenant's Paid To date when it shouldn't, or Debt which may overpay any debt owed by the tenant.

    This is not as exciting as receiving money from tenants because you usually do not get any fees from funds received this way because they are normally free of fees which were received when processing the supplier's invoice(s), otherwise you would be double dipping.

    If a tenant left owing rent or tenant debt, has an attack of conscience and sends money and you have deleted their account from the system you would enter that money as a landlord receipt and take your fees on at least the rent portion of the receipt by using Fee Override.  If the tenant is still in the system you could use a Tenant Receipt because the tenant's account should be in arrears unless any unpaid rent or debt had ben written off.

    Bond returned from the bond centre to pay rent arrears or tenant debt MUST BE entered via the Tenant Receipt program so the tenant's records are updated.

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