Initial Loading Service


Aspect Systems offers those users who want a flying start an "Initial Loading Service".  This service sets up and reconciles your database using data supplied by you.

For users who are looking at changing from one property management system to another, the task of loading or converting your data is often daunting.  As a result you may stay on a system which you are not happy with.  When you change systems there is a learning curve you must go through which can not be avoided.  However, this service should ease the loading or conversion process.

This service is supplied on a chargeable basis.  As we may not be able to convert all systems we need to review each situation on a case by case basis.

If you wish to make use of this service, please contact Aspect Systems from here or email with initial details of your system for an estimate of likely cost.

We may be able to give you an immediate answer where conversions have been done before and can certainly discuss what can be done.

In general we will provide a fixed price quote for the conversion or loading of the data and the initial reconciliation of the system.