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This program matches the suburb names used in the Aspect Property Manager to those required by RealENZ so you can list vacant properties on the RealENZ web site.  This process will change unmatched suburb names entered in the Aspect Property Manager into a "RealENZ valid" suburb name.  For example you can create a property with a suburb of "Birkenhead Heights" which is not a recognised RealENZ suburb.  The matching process will require you to manually select and change the suburb name to "Birkenhead" (or perhaps "Highbury" for those who know the area).

Run the Admin menu > RealENZ - Upload > Match Suburbs to RealENZ Subdivisions program which will produce the following screen.

In the image shown two suburbs have a Subdivision Number of zero meaning they do not match the RealENZ standard suburb names.  Locate the RealENZ suburb name by entering the first few letters of the suburb into the "Match ... to" box , make your selection from the drop down list then click the Match button.  This will change the suburb name on the Aspect Property Manager property record(s).

If you don't select a valid RealENZ name the listing will not be sent to the RealENZ web site.

The Auto Match button will normally only be used once to perform a bulk matching of your suburb names to the RealENZ suburb names.  It will assign Subdivision Numbers to those suburbs which do match and assign zero as the number for unmatched suburbs, these will require manual matching as described above.  However, where two suburbs of the same name exist in different districts it will assign the first number found, so you must scan the District column to check the selection is correct and manually match those which are wrong.  For example Avondale, pronounced Av/on/dale, will be assigned to Auckland, whereas you may want the Christchurch suburb of Avondale, pronounced Avon/dale.

Once the correct matching has been concluded press the [OK - Save these matches] button.  It is OK to have unmatched suburbs, the listings just won't be able to sent to RealENZ.

This program can be run just to tidy up your suburb names too if you wish to do so.