Checking the Data Entry


This step is a manual comparision of the data entered into the new system and that in the old system.  The topic simply lists the programs you can use to do this checking.

A decision should have been made whether to exclude old defunct accounts from the new system or clutter it up with them.  Any balances in the defunct accounts are dealt with in the Initial Bank Reconciliation topic.

The programs used for checking the "static" or master file details are:-
  • Landlords menu > Landlord Listing
  • Properties menu > Property Listing
  • Tenants menu > Tenant Listing
  • Suppliers menu > Supplier Listing.

    The programs used for checking the opening balance and rent details are:-
  • Setup > Getting Started > Landlord Opening Balances Report
  • Setup > Getting Started > Tenant Opening Balances Report
  • Setup > Getting Started > Supplier Opening Balances Report.

    Other programs which may be useful once balances are loaded include:-
  • Landlords menu > Landlord Ledger
  • Landlords menu > Landlord Balances
  • Properties menu > Property Ownership
  • Tenants menu > Tenant Held
  • Tenants menu > Tenant Ledger
  • Tenants menu > Tenant Arrears 
  • Tenants menu > Tenant Paid To
  • Suppliers menu > Supplier Ledger.
  • Suppliers menu > Supplier Balances.
  • Bonds menu > Reports > Bonds Held.

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