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Live Data
A tick against this menu item indicates the live database is active and shows the path to the database.
If you have been using the training database click this entry to return to the live database.

Training Module
The Aspect Property Manager has a training module which allows you to try things out without destroying your good data.
The two "training"entries on this menu allow you to take a copy of the live database and move between the training and live database easily.

Copy Live Data to Training
Click this entry to create an exact copy of your live system as a training database which you may "play" with without destroying your good data.
Any existing training database will be overwritten.
The copy will be located in the ....\PropMan\Training directory which on multi-user systems this will be located on the client computer.

When certain functions are being performed on the live database the copy may not work because a file is in use by another user.
You may need to wait until the other task is complete or try the copy again later.

Training Data
Where there is no need to have the training database right up to date this entry will take you to the previously copied training database.
A tick against this menu item indicates the "training" database is the active database.
To return to the live database from training click the "Live Data" menu entry.

View Archives
Records which have been purged and d from the database can be viewed from this menu entry.  See the Archive topic for more on creating and viewing archived databases.

Backup & Restore
The Aspect Property Manager has a built-in backup system which allows you to selectively backup portions of the Aspect Property Manager data.
See BackUp and Restore for a general discussion on backing up and BackUp and Restore the Aspect Property Manager for information on the internal backup.

Closes the Aspect Property Manager and returns you to Windows.  Remember to back-up.