Print Preview - Ace Viewer


The Aspect Property Manager uses a third party print package, Ace Viewer, to print and preview documents, reports, letters and so on.  It provides the interface to the constantly changing host of printers out there in computer land.  Its use is pretty straight forward and a bit of tinkering on your part should overcome any initial difficulties.

The first step when "printing" most things will be some form of selection followed by an Aspect Property Manager "Report Destination" screen which has a default destination of "Screen" where the output can be previewed but allows:-
  • the destination to be changed so the output goes directly to the printer
  • a selection of which report pages to print
  • multiple copies to be printed
  • the output to be collated or not
  • the page orientation changed between portrait and landscape
  • the printer properties accessed modified.

    When Screen is selected and [Print] pressed the "report" will be displayed in the Ace Viewer window where it can be previewed.  To print the "report":-
    either left-mouse click the printer icon which opens an Ace Viewer "Report Destination" screen (sorry about that folks) where much the same printing selections as above are available
    or right-mouse click the printer icon and the "report" will go directly to the last printer selected.

    The Tool Bar Icons
    The Tool Bar is the equivalent of the Navigator Bar and the icons are largely self explanatory.
    Press the diskette to save the "report to disk in the native ".ace" format or as a ".pdf" format file.
    Use the "%" list box to scale the display.
    Use the Page counter and adjacent page movement buttons to scroll through the report page.
    Finally the next section .....

    A Nice Thing but with a Sting if used Incorrectly
    The [Email Report] button is a really neat way to send a report to someone, BUT read this before using it.

    A Funny Thing
    When printing landlord statements, landlord summary statements and supplier statements the Page counter displays 1/0.  Don't panic!  Press any of the page movement buttons and the counter will correct itself.