Email Attachments


This topic summarises when email may have attachments added, the recording in the Correspondence File and whether the attachment is retained and stored in the database.

Emails may be created in the system by any of the methods listed below and may have attachments added to the outgoing email "automatically" or manually depending upon the type of email being produced and the manner of its production.

An email may be created with manually added attachments by selecting:-
  • [Mail] > New Letter or Email from the landlord, tenant or supplier main screen, then  by using a standard document or creating a one-off email.
  • [Mail] > Correspondence File > to email a previously created document whether it was an email or not.

    In each of the above cases an entry will be made in the Correspondence File (unless otherwise determined by you) and a copy of the attachment will be saved in the database.  Re-sending an email will not include any attachments.  If they are required they must be added again.

    Note  Neither the fact an email was sent, nor any attachment(s), is recorded when [Email Report] is pressed.
  • Landlord statement emails will have any relevant landlord specific attachments "automatically" added, however:-

    No entry will be made in the Correspondence File unless the statement has landlord specific attachments.  The entry will show a statement was sent and the attachments that accompanied it, but not the statement itself.

    The common attachments are not recorded in either the Correspondence File or the database.

    To re-send the statement the Landlords menu > Statements option must be used and any relevant landlord specific attachments will be automatically included.  If the common attachments are required on a re-send they must be attached again when the common attachment screen appears.
  • Emails may also be created from the Mail Merge menu.

    In this instance the decision to save the outgoing email to the Correspondence File is made by you and any common attachment is not saved in the database or the Correspondence File.