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Aspect Property Manager

Help is being updated
The Aspect Property Manager Help is a web-based help which as you can see opens in a browser window of its own.  The massive task of rewriting the Help has been underway for a while and while I can see light at the end of the tunnel there is still a lot to do.  This version still has a mixture of old and new content and some partly changed topics.  Topics which have been changed or rewritten have a larger text (this one) than the original Help so you can assume it is more up to date.

The order of topics has been re-arranged and they now basically follow the order of the menus and the selections within them.  There is still a group of discussion topics which gathers together help which embraces items common to diverse functions and items which don't have associated menu entries.

Two things to note
You can access "context sensitive help", that's a fancy way of saying "help about the screen you are looking at", by pressing [F1] on the keyboard or clicking ScreenHelp on the menu bar.  To access the full help click Help on the menu bar.
To reset any Aspect Property Manager screen to the default settings press Ctl+Alt+d on the keyboard (Note the lowercase "d") or clicking DefaultSize on the menu bar.

These key combinations or menu choices work on virtually every screen.

Other temporary oddities
  • Individual topics which are in the process of being re-written may have a row, or rows, of "ZZZZ"s separating new content from the old within the new topic.
  • You will find "XXXX", in various places which are "locating" tags indicating further changes or links are required.  There may even be an accompanying comment too.
    The Help > Search function is presently not available so you will need to locate items using the Contents or Index panel.  When Help is displayed in your browser press Ctl+F > enter the search word > use the Previous / Next buttons.  More details may be found in the How to use Help topic.

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