The Aspect Property Manager is available on a rental basis which includes support (see below)  and upgrades. This means there are no large front end costs, no nasty suprises if you need our support and no upgrade costs so your software can keep right up to date.

Rent:  $140 per month + GST for an unlimited number of Properties and a maximum of two concurrent users. 

"Maximum of two concurrent users" means that two users can be on the system at the same time. You can have as many users as you like but just two can be on the system simultaneously.  If you require more concurrent users then ...

Extra concurrent users: $50 per user/per month + GST.

e.g.  Monthly rental for system with three concurrent users ($140 + $50) = $190 + GST.


  • Payment is by Automatic Payment (AP) to our NZ bank account.  
  • Your initial payment will be for two months rental.  
  • Payments are to be processed by your bank on the 20th of each month.   

Free Support

In general, you can contact us for support and there will be no charge, but there are occasions where an charge may be made.

You will always be advised of any likelihood of this happening. Examples of when a charge may be made are:-

  • For sorting out problems caused by incorrect entries or procedures and which are not caused by a failure of the Aspect Property Manager program.
  • When requested to visit your site.
  • When doing "your job"!  
    • We are the experts in using Aspect Property Manager and expect to be dealing with experienced property managers.  Although we have good knowledge of the property management business, it is your responsiblity to know the correct procedures.  If we find ourselves in a "training mode" other than for Aspect Property Manager itself, then we may make a charge.
  • When solving problems not directly caused by Aspect Property Manager. These problems are typically caused by installation or activation of other software (including Windows) and by changes in security and network settings.

 How to get support