To download a DEMO of Aspect Property Manager click on the blue "Download a DEMO" button below.  


During the DEMO install process Windows and/or anti-virus messages may appear. You must select the option which allows the Aspect Property Manager to be a "trusted" program and therefore be installed.

This stuff is important too!
  • When you click the download button, you will be asked where to save the Installer (APMInstall.exe).  Typically, this will be a common "Downloads" folder.
  • After the download you can use your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.) or Windows File Explorer to run APMInstall.exe.
  • The installer will prompt you for a "Root Folder".  This is the location of your "Aspect" software.  The default is "C:"  i.e. the main Windows drive.
  • Once the demonstration property management software is installed, the Aspect Property Manager will start automatically.
  • At the login screen enter (uppercase) DEMO in both the User Name and Password. DO NOT attempt to change these entries. If you do so you will need to re-install the demonstration system.
  • When you wish to run the program again, locate the Aspect Property Manager icon on your desktop to run the program.

Once the system is running we suggest you go to the Help menu and select Introduction to obtain an overview of the system and its capabilities.

OR... Do what everyone else does, dive in the deep end and just start playing!!!

If you have any difficulty please contact Aspect Systems by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .

To download a DEMO of Aspect Property Manager, click here    New Download 1


Occasionally, users have had difficulties getting the DEMO installer to run.  In all the instances that have been reported, the problem has been that the users were running versions of MS Windows that were suspected to be pirated.

Installing on another PC that had a valid version of Windows solved the problem.