After the Bank Reconciliation


Once the bank reconciliation is complete it is suggested that you print the Bank menu > Bank Statement details report.
This provides a list of the receipt and payment transactions in the Aspect Property Manager which were matched against the deposits and withdrawals on the bank statement covering the same date range and having the same opening and closing balances.
Additionally there may be pairs of self cancelling transactions which were used to transfer money internally between accounts or changing the allocation of money within the same tenant account

Bank Statement Details Report
This report details the transactions which have been presented, in the system, in each bank reconciliation and should mirror the bank statement entries, plus any additional "internal" entries such as transfers between accounts.

Batched items consisting of deposits which are part of a Banking List are shown first, followed by Direct Credit payment batches and finally individual unbatched transactions.  Each of the batches are totalled and the figure should have a match the bank statement entry.

This report could be printed when the system has been reconciled and then filed with the bank statement, or printed much later if required, as proof of the reconciliation for management or an auditor.