Bonds Menu


Ah-ha I hear you say.  This menu must contain items to do with Bonds.  How right you are, and once again there is a primary menu with the reports on a sub-menu.

Any transactions which contain the movement of bond money into or out of the Aspect Property Manager are displayed in this grid.  Bond Transfers are not displayed because there is no movement of actual cash.  The transactions displayed do not exist as "real" records but are a composite of data extracted from several of the transaction files.

Receipt records show the bond portion of a tenant receipt which may have been:-
  • received direct from the tenant
  • money returned from the bond centre and incorrectly receipted as bond instead of using Tenant > Transactions > [Bond Returned], see Bond Returned from the Bond Centre
  • paid in instalments in which case there will be a record for each instalment.

    Payment records may be:-
  • A disbursement to the bond authority via the Bond Disbursements process.  In this case one payment may cover several tenants' bonds with a separate payment displayed for each tenant but all records will show the same transaction number and be paid by the one cheque.
  • A payment made to an individual tenant from bond money held in the Aspect Property Manager which is to be returned to the tenant.  Typically this will be the balance of bond returned from the bond centre after final rent and any vacating expenses have been deducted.

    Disburse Bonds
    This process gathers together the bond receipts held in the Aspect Property Manager which have yet to be disbursed to the bond centre.  It allows for a single payment to the bond authority to cover any number of tenants.  Refer to the Bond Disbursement help topic for more information.
    Before disbursing any bonds the Bonds Held report should be run.
    This process will not permit disbursement where the tenancy has not yet started.
    Vacated tenants with undisbursed bond will not be highlighted when the disbursement screen opens.

    Bond Reports
    Care needs to be taken when reading the Bonds Held and Bonds Due reports because they are both "dynamic" reports, meaning they change immediately any receipt or payment transaction containing a bond component is entered into the Aspect Property Manager.  They can not be repeated for a specific date or time in the past unlike many other reports.

    Negative values on either report indicate the system thinks the tenant has overpaid the bond at the time the report was printed  which may occur when the tenant has paid the bond money ahead of when the tenancy starts.

    If you disagree with the information on either of these reports the Tenants main screen > [Details] > Bonds tab is a good starting point as only transactions containing bond amounts are displayed thus lessening the "clutter".

    Refer to the Bond Processing help topic for more information.

    Bonds Held
    This report should be run before running Bonds menu > Disburse Bonds as it shows the value of the bond held on behalf of each tenant within the Aspect Property Manager awaiting disbursement to the bond centre.

    Check the Last Received date on any prospective disbursement to ensure any cheque or DC receipt has had time to be cleared through the banking system.  Where a tenancy has not started the bond will show on this report as a negative amount outstanding and will not be able to be disbursed.
    Where a tenant has a vacate date entered you probably wouldn't want to disburse the bond either.

    Bonds Due
    This report shows tenants with outstanding bonds.  It summarises all the transactions containing bond amounts credited to each tenant by way of a receipt or bond transfer less bond disbursements and tenant (bond) payments irrespective of the transaction dates.

    It is possible for a tenant to be excluded from the Tenant Arrears and Tenant Paid To reports but not the Bonds Due report.