Users Menu

Users Menu
This is not a menu, but a table showing the status of users who have logged into the Aspect Property Manager.  It is real use is in multi-user installations when certain administrative tasks are performed such as Generate Payments, End of Period, installing an update version and so on, when it can be checked to ensure all other users are logged out.

A separate entry will exist for each combination of User and Computer.  Thus a user logging on to the Aspect Property Manager under the same login name on multiple computers will appear once for each computer.

The Type column shows the status of that combination as logged in (User Login) or logged out (User Logout) with the LoggedAt column the date and time the action occurred.

Note that if a computer is powered off, or crashes, or is disconnected from a network, while the Aspect Property Manager is running that computer may erroneously show a user as logged in when they are not.  Powering the system up again and logging into the Aspect Property Manager again will leave the status as User Login.

User / Computer combinations which are erroneously shown as logged in, or no longer exist may be  forcibly logged out by pressing [Log out user] .